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Creative ways to use your Door and Window Sensors

1. Liquor or Medicine Cabinet Security - Protect your kids from getting into things that they shouldn't . Get instant text alerts by placing a sensor on any cabinet door.

2. Chime Alerts - Anytime anyone goes through a door the system can chime. Even better, get a notification on your phone! This is a great feature to help keep track of small children, especially if you have a swimming pool.

3. Shed Protection - Place a sensor on a shed to protect often forgotten about valuables.

4. Mail Notification - No more waiting around for the mailman. Know exactly when the mail arrives each day by attaching a sensor to the inside of your mailbox.


Alerts that will keep You Safe and Informed

1. Arming Reminders - Find yourself rushing out of the house in the morning? It's easy to forget things here and there, including arming your system. These reminders ensure you'll never leave your home unarmed again.

2. User Codes - A large part of peace of mind is knowing who comes and goes from your home. Assign each family member a user code and you'll be alerted when they enter the home.

3. No-Show Alerts - Get instant notifications if your children
don't get home from school at a scheduled time.


Be Home even when you aren't

1. Live Video Streaming - See your home in real time from anywhere in the world with your smart phone or computer.

2. Recorded Video - Need to see who came and went from your home during the day or who/what was digging through your trash last night? Motion triggered clips are ready for viewing at anytime.


Stay Informed, Even in the Dark

Power outages happen. Unfortunately, not even Optom can stop them. However, there is a lot that our system can do in the event of one.

1. Continued Protection - Our control panel comes equipped with a 24-hour battery backup that keeps your system running in the event of a power outage.

2. Power Outage Notifications - Through our interactive features, you will receive a notification 15 minutes after a power outage or your control panel is unplugged. Once power is restored, you'll be notified.


Unique Uses for Appliance/Lighting Modules

1. Timed & Active Lighting - You can schedule a certain time each day for your smart lights to turn on. Or better yet, pair your lights with a Garage Door Sensor, so every time you come home and open the garage, your lights will turn on.

2. Curling Iron - One of the top causes of residential fires is leaving curling irons or other heated appliances plugged in. Add an appliance module to any outlet and you will be able to turn the module on or off from your smart phone. You can also set a schedule for the appliance, have it
scheduled to turn off at a certain time each day.

3. Ending Your Day - Attach Appliance modules to TV's and fans and set them to turn off right before you go to bed.


Interactive Monitoring

You've probably already heard that Optom's Interactive monitoring can do some pretty amazing stuff. Take a glance at a few of the key features.
  • Remotely arm and disarm your system from your smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • Receive text or email notifications for events that occur in your home.
  • Intelligent home video provides real-time viewing and motion-activated video clips.
  • Home automation features allow you to remotely control your lights, locks and thermostats.
  • Free mobile apps give you complete control.